LITTLE LIVE PETS Wraptiles - Vipora

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Lizards and Cobra are the coolest friends you will ever connect with! Wrap your new friend on your wrist using the super grip slap-band tail and take him anywhere. Wraptiles will interact with you with over 50+ sounds and reactions, you can shake to agitate and turn him upside down and they will go to sleep. They can't wait to hang out with you!

  • Vipora is your fierce best friend! This blue cobra is slick, quick, and sly. Hang out with him. He has your back!

  • Watch as their eyes light up and change color with their mood!

  • Record a message with your reptile, and he will repeat it back in his snarly wraptile voice!

  • Shake your reptile to agitate him and turn him upside down to Go to sleep!

  • Wrap tiles have over 25 sounds and reactions.

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