Honeywell 11 Watt BR30 Dimmable LED Bulb Set (8-pack)

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The Honeywell BR30 dimmable LED bulb allows you to light up your home in an efficient way that saves you money on your electric bills, annually. This 8-pack of BR30 dimmable LED bulbs will save $52.03 per year (eight bulbs used for three hours daily @ avg. energy cost of $.11 kWh) and over $1,186 over life of the LED bulbs when compared to eight traditional 65W incandescent bulbs. In addition to the tremendous energy savings advantage of LED, they are cool to the touch and they may be the last bulbs you need to replace since they last so long. They are perfect for replacing existing incandescent recessed lighting bulbs or for track lighting. They install easily and require little to no maintenance due to their extending 25,000-hour LED life. 65W replacement (uses only 11W) Pack contains eight LED bulbs 770 lumens Dimmable 2,700K (warm white) 22.8 year life B306527HB820 100% mercury free Energy Star 2.0

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