Duck Max Packing Tape, Each Roll 1.88" x 43.7 yd., 2 Dispensers, 3 Clear Tape Rolls

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Duck Max Strength Packing Tape offers premium quality for all of your heavy-duty shipping, moving and storage needs. Stronger and more durable than ordinary tapes, this packaging tape is designed to seal even the heaviest boxes safely and securely to help prevent items inside from being damaged during delivery. This clear packing tape offers superior quality whether you’re on the move or shipping boxes from the home or office. And, it’s tough adhesion makes it perfect for protecting and storing your belongings all year round.

  • Great for heavy duty moving and shipping
  • 100x stronger than acrylic tapes based on ASTM D3654B for maximum hold on boxes
  • This 3.1 mil tape is the strongest Duck Brand packaging tape
  • Designed for sealing the heaviest packages
  • Made with hot melt adhesive for an instant, quick stick to corrugate
  • Meets postal regulations for shipping tape

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